Diraya.media is an educational platform that compiles case studies of media activism in the MENA region and offers media literacy resources that build on these practices. This educational resource is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about media activism in the region and to apply the knowledge from these case studies in their classrooms and organizations.

Case Studies

Fe-Male | Lebanon

Iraqi Network for Social Media | Iraq

International Middle East Media Center | Palestine

Mada Masr | Egypt

Inkyfada | Tunisia

My.Kali | Jordan

A Message for Media Activists

Listen to experienced media activists sharing their vision for the future.


Diraya.media invites you to learn with media activists in the MENA region. Lesson plans based on the case studies above can be easily implemented in schools, universities, and in media trainings.


Online Launch Event on December 10th!

Stay tuned for our online launch event for the Diraya project on December 10, 2020!

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Student Survey

Coming soon, the students’ survey!

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Diraya means “know-how” in Arabic. We are a team of media researchers and educators from Lebanon and Sweden working together to strengthen media literacy practices by learning from media activists in the MENA region.

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